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FibronPipe manufacturing lines are already operated under licensing agreements at various locations in the world. The Thermoplastic Composite Pipes (TCP) are manufactured based on the FibronPipe technology, including the process specifications and the prescribed use of raw materials.

FibronPipe is the supplier of the entire production equipment, PLC, ATP, inline QC equipment and of course the entire processing know-how.
Support from the TCP design to product manufacturing and test/ + laboratory equipment and procedure can be provided.
The TCP product and the manufacturing process are protected by patents and are usually the subject of a Manufacturing License Agreement (MLA).

The equipment for the production of the TCP has been developed and optimized over years in our pipe manufacturing plant in Austria – not on a white board but under 24/7 manufacturing conditions!

All components have features that are important to produce bonded TCP.

This applies in particular to:

The PLC (programmable logic controller) of the line

  1. PLC (based on Siemens S7), which encompasses and controls the entire manufacturing process.
  2. Defined start-up ramps with precise time/temperature control profiles
  3. Recipe management of TCP types and diameters
  4. Central control and data collection point for the inline QC
  5. Data interface to the ATP (Automatic Tape Placement) – the AI vision-based software for tape gap recognition and positioning
  6. Safety loop control
  7. “Co-Pilot” control / maintenance through remote support from our experts in Austria

The tape wrapping units

  • Automatic tape tension control – independent from the tape magazine size
  • Automatic angle and axis positioning of the tape spools, driven by step motor gearing.
  • Optimized tape magazine fixation for safe and reliable spool mounting

Automatic Tape Placement (ATP)

  • Cutting edge technology running on AI semantic vision-based recognition software
  • Inline automatic tape gap control and adjustment
  • Full integration and communication with Master line PLC

Inline Quality Control (QC)

  • Identification and recording of TCP manufacturing process.
  • Automatic and digital data storage with process parameter recording.
  • Trace back assuredness of produced TCP

TCP coil winding

  • Adjustable ID/OD coil winding for different TCP diameters and pressure classes, according to MBR specification
  • Packaging on drums or coiled and supplied on wooden beds/crosses for easy transportation and field deployment

The difference to RTP...


TCP incorporates a bonded composite structure

  • Bonded and fused manufacturing principle to assure a monolith wall structure
  • In-situe melt fusion with extreme precise temperature control technology for pre-heating and fiber tape consolidation

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