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FibronPipe – The flexible composite pipe for the energy industry. The FibronPipe is a new development of a Thermoplastic Composite Pipe which is based on a metal-free reinforcement. Thus, it is 100% corrosion free.

Though the pipe consists of different polymer and fiber materials, the entire wall of the pipe is manufactured based on a bonded structure which prevents displacement of the polymer liner to the reinforcement segment when being bent or put into pressure operation. The advanced manufacturing process ensures a full fusion of the liner pipe to the reinforcement tape.


FibronPipe is spoolable and standard delivered on drums in conventional sizes which can be loaded and transported on common truck-sized ramps.

Diameter Range 2″ to 6″
DN50 to DN125 (150)

cost reduction

Durable and high-pressure resistant with maximum operating pressures up to 210 bars.

Continuous lengths up to 1000m on drum

Flexible and spoolable

Easy transportation/ low weight per meter

Cost savings by fast installation


This new onshore piping solution features by significantly faster installation times compared to the use of traditional steel pipes. The weight per meter is significantly lower. The pipe can be coiled up and reused again during its` service life. The use of FibronPipe reduces installation- and maintenance costs substantially.

Flow Capacity

The build up of paraffin, wax and scale is reduced and the pipe provides outstanding flow behavior.

Flexibility in Use

FibronPipe is designed for conveying water, oil, gas and hydrocarbons and is suitable for applications in transportation, injection, disposal- and transfer lines and rehabilitation. It can be installed as an on-surface pipe or also in trenches which are not straight.

Materials Testing & Qualification

FibronPipe have undertaken significant design and test procedures on raw materials to verify suitability prior to their permanent use in bonded Thermoplastic Composite Pipe.  This applies to the polymer liner materials as well as the unidirectional fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite tapes.

We perform our own performance and qualification testing programs on UD fibre tapes. Tensile strength tests are performed on tapes after ageing in hot water baths in order to evaluate tape quality and long term performance.

Our Pipes undergo rigorous testing and qualification trials, such as long term hydrostatic pressure tests. The type of qualification program is subject to the customer requirements.

IR temperature sensor control to assure an even 360° penetration around the TCP, with the effect to accomplish fully bonded and fused tape reinforcement section.

FibronPipe – Silver Line

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