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FibronPipe® - Silver Line

This new onshore piping solution features by significantly faster installation times compared to the use of traditional steel pipes. It can be coiled up and re-used again during its` service life.

The FibronPipe Silver Line has been specially designed for onshore applications.It is reinforced by advanced,thermoplastic coated uni-directional fibre tapes which distinguish themselves by very high tensile strength. Applied in multiple layers they function as a pressure resistant reinforcement layer.

FibronPipe is designed for conveying water, oil and gas hydrocarbons and is good for applications in production/transportation, water injection, disposal-/ transfer lines and rehabilitation.

The FibronPipe Silver Line is:

  • characterized by a fully bonded layer matrix

  • non-corrosive

  • light weighted

  • available in MAOP 40-155 bars

  • spoolable and delivered on coils

  • available from DN50 to DN150

  • delivered on drums or coils for a rapid installation

  • exceptionally durable

  • flexible in installation and application usage

Pipe connection method

The pipe connection is accomplished with a swaged flange connector system (single and double swaged design).
The pipe-to-pipe connection is assured with couplers.
Flange end fittings and couplers are made of carbon steel or stainless steel materials (e.g. 304, 321 grades), dependent on the application based requirements.